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What Makes an Activity "Montessori?"

Posted on December 3, 2018 at 1:50 PM

1.  Montessori activities are child directed. We have low shelves, tables, chairs, a sink, and many small manipulatives and cards to use for learning.

 2. Montessori activities have "control of error" for self, and are not teacher corrected. This leads to stronger self-sufficiency, and the joy that comes with independence.

3.  Montessori activities involve the senses. The sensorial area has exercises that relate to more critical training for the five senses.

4.  Montessori activities are hands on. This helps with honing of manual dexterity, and use of muscle memory.

5.  Montessori activities isolate concepts. Components of learning are broken down to their most basic forms, and gradually built up as concepts are absorbed.

6.  Montessori activities emphasize concentration. The environment is very organized, accessible, and generally quiet as children engage with their activities. The teacher helps to direct when needed, but mostly observes during work periods.

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