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I like my school

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The hardest part of starting a new school is the anticipation of waiting for the start. There are a lot of materials to gather, and hoops for the state licensing. But, remembering how much satisfaction there is in working with children makes it all worth while.

A child that loves learning

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Montessori encourages children to want to learn. A child that wants to learn or at least learns how to learn in the preschool years is a child that will very likely excel…in education, in confidence and in his or her life.

“Montessorians” believe in the principals of Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori was the first woman medical doctor in Italy (1896). She was also well educated in biology, psychiatry and anthropology. This proved to be an exceptional com...

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A new Preschool in the Coulee Dam area

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Here are some interesting videos regarding Maria Montessori and the Montessori teaching method:



Growth of Public Montessori in the United States: 1975-2014

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Four decades of growth

The last fifteen years have witnessed a surge of interest in Montessori education. This interest is evident in a rise in research on Montessori, increased mainstream press, and the opening of new Montessori schools. This growth in Montessori programs is evident not just in the private but also in the public sector, where we estimate that over 300 new public Montessori programs have opened since 2000.

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What Makes an Activity "Montessori?"

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1.  Montessori activities are child directed. We have low shelves, tables, chairs, a sink, and many small manipulatives and cards to use for learning.

 2. Montessori activities have "control of error" for self, and are not teacher corrected. This leads to stronger self-sufficiency, and the joy that comes with independence.

3.  Montessori activities involve the senses. The sensorial area has exercises that relate to more critical training for the five senses.


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Credentials for Teresa Bower

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Certificate in “Montessori Early Childhood Education,” Montessori Teachers College NW

Washington State required Daycare License criteria followed: Merit Stars 30 hour, food handlers card, TB Test, bloodborne pathogens card, CPR First Aid, criminal background checks, business license, business insurance, emergency preparedness plan, health policies, and communication processes.


Internship: Discovery Montessori Schoo...

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