Montessori-based preschool and care

Montessori Pre-school

The Montessori Classroom

Since children learn best by doing, we prepare an environment that enables them to master their word through purposeful activity. Whether we call it work or play, a Montessori classroom is buzzing with busy children; each one learning at his or her individual pace in an aesthetically pleasing, logical and social context.

Child sized activities

Every activity or `work' is presented in such a way as to maximize the child's ability to be autonomous, successful, challenged, but not frustrated. We adults often forget that with each new day in the life of the young child comes with countless new experiences and stimuli that can easily overwhelm him. By slowing the pace down and simplifying complex tasks we motivate the child to tune in and engage. The work generally isolates one specific task. Activities are child sized and logically arranged with all the needed pieces. Learning materials are rotated and are graded or sequenced to meet the changing developmental needs of the group.

Interest in learning

The classroom is divided into five major areas of learning: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Science (biology, botany, zoology, etc). Art activities are often integrated into these five subjects. A wide variety of good quality art materials and musical instruments are available for whenever the creative impulse strikes.